Skin Care Routine for Acne

Skin care routine for acne. This is a tale of how I greatly reduced my acne and helped to alleviate the residual scarring that is usually the result of years of acne. I have oily skin in my T zone and I am a bit oily on my chin as well. The first thing IRead moreRead more

The Facial Oil Kate Middleton is Addicted To

Kate Middleton is one of the biggest fashion and beauty icons of this generation. The Duchess of Cambridge is admired for her beautiful complexion as much as her classic, and effortless style. Her skin glows with a regality that most can only dream of. You may think that her amazing skin is due to someRead moreRead more

How They Produce Shampoo

For the rate of sales for many shampoo production companies speed is one of the most important aspects in their production process. For some companies it can take a little as 40 minutes from the time raw materials get in the front door for a bottle of shampoo to be ready on the assembly line.Read moreRead more