The Orwellian Society

It amazes me that some people are still surprised by the fact that the whole system is corrupt. Or rather, the system makes it so that people who are corrupt will have a better chance of staying in power, and accumulate even more power. It is just like in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: what do allRead moreRead more

Tea Tree Oil

There is no telling where we would be if there was actual truth in advertising. I feel that things would change, like, tremendously. There is no telling how precisely, since A – it doesn’t happen, and B – I am not an economy major. And even if I was, I have no idea who onRead moreRead more

Having The Proper Ingredients In Your Products

As the healthy living and progressive lifestyle that many of us have come to adopt in recent years grows in strength, numbers and popularity people on either side of the debate are waking up to the realization that organic food is simply better food. There’s nothing new about this realization as in reality, our foodRead moreRead more

Education at a click of a mouse

Hey Friends! The phantasm is grand but it has a finite life. This is was you would know if you paid any attention to the world around you and decided to educate things and people. We all have sat in classrooms and pondered what our futures would be. The silly thing of course is theRead moreRead more

The Purple Shampoo Move

Once those very yellow colors begin to infiltrate my hair, I know it is time for a purple shampoo treatment. I used to become so discouraged when that would happen, until a friend of mine told there is shampoo designed specifically for that kind of situation. A shampoo which is meant to be used duringRead moreRead more

Grammarly Software

Playing basketball. A fun sport that teaches a lot about how to build character, improves hand eye coordination etc. So why can’t we make writing with precise and concise grammar something exciting too? This is a good question which Matthew Brown had to figure out on his own several years ago. Matthew was a veryRead moreRead more