Purple Shampoo Can Help Your Blonde Hair

If there’s one thing more damaging to your hair than dying it, it’s not looking after it properly once it has been died. This can be particularly bad for those who died their hair blonde, because you’ve actually added bleach to your hair strands. You have probably all come across bleach at some point inRead moreRead more

How They Produce Shampoo

For the rate of sales for many shampoo production companies speed is one of the most important aspects in their production process. For some companies it can take a little as 40 minutes from the time raw materials get in the front door for a bottle of shampoo to be ready on the assembly line.Read moreRead more

5 Secrets To Proper Hair Care

Many of us, myself included, really don’t take such good care of our hair. It’s just not enough to wash and condition, and honestly, taking the time to condition is not always happening. Although I understand the value and importance of conditioning my hair I simply don’t always take the time. It’s an extra stepRead moreRead more

Eyelash Extensions

It is said that our “Eyes are the window to the soul”, so if that’s true, you should make certain they always look their best. There’s the seductive eye, you know what I mean that look we give to get what we want. There are no real secrets to divulge here, it’s known pretty muchRead moreRead more

The Purple Shampoo Move

Once those very yellow colors begin to infiltrate my hair, I know it is time for a purple shampoo treatment. I used to become so discouraged when that would happen, until a friend of mine told there is shampoo designed specifically for that kind of situation. A shampoo which is meant to be used duringRead moreRead more