Apricot Benefits In Pregnancy Explained

Giving apricots to women during pregnancy is very common. Between fresh apricots and dried apricots, dried apricots are said to be more beneficial for pregnant women. The reason for this is because the increase of calories in dry apricots are better for women’s calorie intake. This needs to be high, and the higher sugar contentRead moreRead more

Health Benefits of Green Tea

There is a multitude of benefits to drinking green tea, and in today’s post we’re going to be taking a closer look at a few of the benefits. Although there are many people who complain about the taste of green tea, it’s one of those drinks that it’s just worth drinking anyway because of theRead moreRead more

Treating the Skin Under the Eyes

We’ve all had this issue, whether from studying all night for an exam the next day, binge watching a new series, or the party that went too late. You know what I mean, the puffy eyes accompanied by the dark circles under your eyes, that we often blame on allergies or sinus infection. Of courseRead moreRead more

Sun: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Even with the abundance of knowledge on the effects of the sun on our skin, many are still guilty of not protecting their skin from the sun. It’s truly astonishing how smart people can knowingly be harming themselves, their body, and health. You can say the same thing for people who are obese but can’tRead moreRead more

Having The Proper Ingredients In Your Products

As the healthy living and progressive lifestyle that many of us have come to adopt in recent years grows in strength, numbers and popularity people on either side of the debate are waking up to the realization that organic food is simply better food. There’s nothing new about this realization as in reality, our foodRead moreRead more