How They Produce Shampoo

For the rate of sales for many shampoo production companies speed is one of the most important aspects in their production process. For some companies it can take a little as 40 minutes from the time raw materials get in the front door for a bottle of shampoo to be ready on the assembly line. With so many bottles being made quality control is very important to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Companies will use high speed cameras to watch their bottles as they go through the production line. This will help them to make sure every bottle gets the correct label and ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients that are in shampoo.

There are detergents in shampoo that are the part of the shampoo that cleans the dirt and grease out of your hair. Shampoo is such a large part of the hair care industry that it makes up 50% of all hair care products. What type of detergent is used in that shampoo you’re buying should be one of the main concerns when you’re looking at the ingredients list. The first ingredient should be water. The next ingredient will be the detergent or multiple detergent. Then there will be thickeners.

Thickeners are important for the shampoo to have the consistency that is desirable, otherwise it would be the consistency of water. Foam boosting ingredients follow the thickeners; this is what gives the shampoo the foaming properties that help it to reach all the little areas on your scalp and between your hair follicles. The lather is vital for people to feel like the shampoo is effective. All other ingredients are things like color and perfumes. Now as detergents go sulfate based detergents are the most effective, now i know what you’re thinking.

I’ve heard sulfate based shampoos are bad for my hair. This is kind of true, it’s because the sulfates are too good at washing things out of your hair. If you color your hair then sulfates will wash out the color. If your hair is naturally dry then it will wash out oils that are essential for hair health. Sulfates are also really cheap to produce which is why shampoo had sulfate detergents in them for so long. This is why it was such a common practice to have sulfates in shampoo cheap and effective, but they were too effective. That is why experts recommend using sulfate free shampoos. Sulfates are found in a lot of cleaning products because they are so effective at cleaning off dirt and oils. There are many oils that are essential for scalp and hair health. Using sulfates will wash away these essential oils from your scalp and hair. Making your hair and scalp brittle and dry. There are healthy detergents that will wash dirt out of your hair but will keep these oils and keep color in your hair as well. Always look on the back of bottles to make sure that the shampoo you’re using is healthy for your hair and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it.

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