5 Secrets To Proper Hair Care

Many of us, myself included, really don’t take such good care of our hair.
It’s just not enough to wash and condition, and honestly, taking the time to condition is not always happening. Although I understand the value and importance of conditioning my hair I simply don’t always take the time. It’s an extra step in the hair care process and because time is so precious, it’s a step that’s too often skipped by many.


With this in mind, here are my top 5 secrets to proper, natural hair care! If you want your hair to look its best, these are the secret rules to start following, so listen up.

1. Ditch The Towel

How many of us put our wet hair up in a scrunchie in an effort to keep it off of our face while dressing? Instead of the scrunchie, one of the better choices is a simple long sleeved cotton t-shirt. Begin by putting a shirt on a flat surface, flip your head upside down onto the shirt, and roll the bottom of the shirt and wrap around the nape of your neck. Then bring the top of the shirt toward your head, wrapping around the rest of your hair and bringing the arms down and around the nape of your neck. Stand upright and bring the arms of the shirt toward your forehead and tie together. Tuck in any loose corners into the folds. It’s generally not such a beautiful look, but it’s so much better for your hair than a terry cloth towel and just as absorbent. It’s often tempting to wrap wet hair in a towel after washing but the terry towels are rough and can cause frizz, split ends, and even breakage. So it’s best to avoid them, especially since there are alternatives.

2. Leave Your Hair To Dry

There is something to be said about waiting until your hair air dries for a few minutes, especially if you are planning to blow dry. While a higher heat will dry hair faster, drying on a lower heat will definitely reduce the damage. Although  life is busy and we’re always looking for shortcuts, you don’t ever want to start using products on wet hair. In an effort to be mindful of time, you can take a few minutes while your hair is air drying for other tasks. When hair is still damp but not wet, then you can apply whatever product to your hair, then dry. Applying products to wet hair simply is wasteful and not productive as it just won’t get absorbed into your hair. Additionally, you never want to bypass the drying to skip to a curling iron or straightener, this will create dull and damaged hair. Our hair gets plenty of abuse naturally, we don’t need to add more strain to it.

3. Use A Wet Brush




One of the more harmful acts we do to our hair is brushing when it’s wet. The brushing is so hard on your hair, that if you aren’t using a wet brush you’re likely causing unnecessary strain on the hair that can lead to breakage. A wet brush is a game changer, in that the bristles are tough enough to detangle but gentle enough not to break hair. Although, the wet brush is available and basically a reliable product, a wide tooth comb is still recommended for wet hair. If you can, avoid brushing altogether, and run your fingers gently through your hair. The brushing is really only necessary for your scalp health, so give your hair a light brush and let your fingers do the rest of the work!

4. The “Plopping” Method

They say if you have straight hair, you usually want curly hair. And if your hair is curly, many of us have always wanted straight hair. This struggle is real.
If you have curly hair like me, you might want to start “Plopping” and embrace those curls. Not only does it help with defining my curls but also, it keeps my hair off of my face while air drying. I’ve found that I had lots of breakage using scrunchies on wet hair, but I hate having my hair on my face.
So when I discovered this method of drying my hair and maintaining my curls, I’m hooked. There are some differences in how some people plop, but I’ll happily share mine.
After a shower, washing and conditioning my hair I use a large microfiber towel and wrap my clean wet hair. Using the microfiber towel has really been a game changer for me in that the regular terry cloth towels seem to be too rough for me and causes my hair to frizz.
Many of my curly hair friends use a t-shirt to wrap but I prefer the microfiber towel so I can even sleep in it since I don’t use a dryer. If you like to shower at night like me, plopping is a great time management tool. You can sleep with your microfiber towel on then simply fluff your hair in the morning for a healthy, bouncy, care-free look with no frizz.

By Stacie May, Beauty Expert, specializing in Hair and Skincare, from Lucky Watcher



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