Eyelash Extensions

It is said that our “Eyes are the window to the soul”, so if that’s true, you should make certain they always look their best. There’s the seductive eye, you know what I mean that look we give to get what we want.
There are no real secrets to divulge here, it’s known pretty much globally.
Look, we’ve all done it. Smile and bat your eyes a little and BAM, you got someone to lift that heavy box into your shopping cart for you without even having to ask. It’s nice, right?

If you’ve ever thought about enhancing your lashes with extensions, you’ve got lots of choices.
Generally it’s all about the length and fullness with a little emphasis on the curl.
It should be fairly obvious that you’ll need to find a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. Any work of this nature being done on your eyes needs to be done with precision.
If done well and correctly, lash extensions won’t negatively affect your natural lashes.
Just like when looking for a new hairstyle, you flip through every magazine possible, similarly, you’ll need to find the right lash look for you and your lifestyle. Keep in mind there is a point where long and lush lashes just don’t look natural. If you’re ok with that, great, but know that it looks fake. Additionally, the longer the lashes the shorter the duration of keeping them affixed. The longer lashes can get twisted and fall out prematurely. If done well and properly maintained, your extensions could last 6-8 weeks. Some people will go into the salon for some touch ups to help the application last.

Go ahead and cry since there is no chance of getting dark raccoon eyes. Since it’s strongly advised to discard mascara every 60-90 days anyway, lash extensions may be something to consider. The procedure can be somewhat pricey and can have you spending anywhere from $1000-$2500 annually. There is a wide range since not all lashes are the same. Some are synthetic, fake silk and mink, and real human and mink. This is a bit of a tedious process so the technician’s expertise can also affect the price.
When using eye makeup remover, choose one that is not oil based to avoid loosening the glue causing your lashes to fall off prematurely.
As far as removal goes, you can certainly go back to the salon to have them professionally removed, or you can remove them yourself. Allowing them to fall out on their own is also an option, but never tugging at them as this will weaken your own lashes. When you’re left with your own natural lashes, it is highly recommended to replenish some nourishment with a cotton swab and a little castor oil to help boost growth and repair.
And similar to your manicures, it’s probably a good idea to give your lashes a break from the extensions. Just like your nails, hair is porous and should be able to catch their breath so to speak.

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