Apricot Benefits In Pregnancy Explained

Giving apricots to women during pregnancy is very common. Between fresh apricots and dried apricots, dried apricots are said to be more beneficial for pregnant women.

The reason for this is because the increase of calories in dry apricots are better for women’s calorie intake. This needs to be high, and the higher sugar content for those pregnancy cravings.

Obviously, they’re better things for pregnant women to eat, but apricots are a much better alternative to other unhealthy foods.

Dried apricots also get more pregnancy praise because of their high iron levels. The levels of iron and magnesium combined can greatly treat and lower the risk of anaemia, which can be precarious in pregnant women.

We talked about the bone and muscle development components in apricots, these components help develop the fetus healthily so that they’ll practically be jumping out of the womb. If you’ve actually been pregnant, then you might know about the frustrating blockage that can come in the later months a.k.a. constipation.

Apricots have that fiber to get your system running smoothly and clear everything up. I’ve never been pregnant, but I find that dried apricots and coffee in the morning gets my digestive system off to a running start. Apricots have a good few benefits for women during pregnancy, but I wouldn’t eat too much of anything during pregnancy without consulting a health professional.

Are Apricots Fattening? How Many Calories Are There In Apricots?

I love food. I know the horrid feeling of someone telling you about a great life-changing food that they recently tried, and checking the calorie count soon after to find that it has 1000 calories per bite.

Ok, I’m exaggerating, anything that’s 1000 calories per bite is very obviously fattening right off the bat. Of course, you can indulge every so often, but when you’re indulging, you’d want it to be something like cake or bacon… on top of cake. So the good news is that you don’t have to use your indulging points on apricots.

One apricot holds approximately a mere 17 calories. Dried apricots is where you get a bit more into the danger zone. Each dried apricot holds about 17/17.5 calories. The difference is that nobody stops at one dried apricot, it simply won’t do the trick.

However, for reference, one slice of thin white bread will cost you 53 calories. So if you make a sandwich, you’re already at 106 calories before you put anything in it.

The good thing about apricots when it comes to weight loss, is that apricots make you feel full longer. They slow down the release of chemicals from your stomach and speed up your digestive system. All those things can contribute to weight loss, or maybe just not weight gain. So no, apricots are not super fattening, but it’s easy to go overboard and have a big calorie intake when eating them dry.

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