Best Sex Positions to Relieve Stress

I meant to label this as my stress-relieving submission! …. When it comes to having sex, we all want our partners to have the best experience that they can – regardless of whether they’re trying to cope with stress or not. While sex in general is a great way to relieve stress, that much is a given, even intimacy goes a long way towards helping your partner unwind. So before I list the top 5 positions that I think work best for relieving stress, I would suggest that you focus on foreplay just as much. Giving your partner a seductive massage to start or giving them oral sex can really help to kick things into high gear and get them ready for act of love-making. The OM This is one of my favorite positions as it’s easily one of the most intimate ways to enjoy each others bodies and can really help your partner (or you) achieve multiple orgasms. Simply have the male cross his legs and let the lady sit on his lap. This allows you to kiss and hug each other while you’re making love and allows for deep penetration. The Reverse Cowgirl This is a timeless classic that gives your partner (or whoever is on top) more control. She can set the pace and and take the reigns – all you have to do is sit back and stay hard. I also like this position because it still allows the man to take control if she runs out of energy and can rest her legs on your knees, allow you to drill deeply.

This also gives her the freedom to play with herself during the process, thus increasing the likelihood of achieving multiple orgasms. Doggy! Yet another timeless classic that can work really well, given that you’re experienced with it. Some people don’t enjoy this position, so be sure to ask them about whether they’re okay with everything before you set up. Simply have your partner rest on her arms and knees (like a dog) and get to it! This position allows for clitoral stimulation and deeper penetration – so you can really double up here and have some explosive sex. Leap Frog While this position is very similar to doggy style, it allows for greater g-spot stimulation especially if your partner isn’t the longest. Basically, get into doggy position and have your partner lower her arms so that she’s flat on the bed. This is a great transition from doggy style and is a great way to finish off with another orgasm. He can also stimulate your clitoris more easily while you’re in this position, so even if the strokes aren’t cutting it, his fingers will. The Pretzel Dip This is a pretty simple way to increase your partner’s likelihood of achieving an orgasm and is easy on both involved. Have your partner lie on her side and lift her leg over yours as you lay flat in front of her. It’s important that you focus less on the thrusts while in this position and pay more attention to the friction you generate for her clitoris – as this is largely what stimulates her. It’s a position that you can spend a great deal of time in as it’s slow moving and can help to bring your partner to climax multiple times. It’s also a great way to start sex as it allows for more intimacy. Happy love-making!

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