Skin Care Routine for Acne

Skin care routine for acne. This is a tale of how I greatly reduced my acne and helped to alleviate the residual scarring that is usually the result of years of acne. I have oily skin in my T zone and I am a bit oily on my chin as well. The first thing I do is double cleanse. I really love to use a cleansing balm. I like balms over oils because I used oils for years and it didn’t reduce my acne. When I switched to a balm I found that it really helped my acne on my forehead.

I start out by washing my hands then I dip my finger into the balm. I melt it into my hand by heating it up using the friction of rubbing my hands together. You need to make sure your face is dry before applying the face cleansing balm. Then apply the balm to your face. This will help to cleanse your skin of any sunscreen or makeup you had on your face before the next step. Then simply wash the cleansing balm off your face with some water. I then use a foaming cleanser after the balm. It’s ok to use a foaming cleanser with a wet face. Foaming cleansers were designed to be used when your face is wet. This is why I double cleanse. I’ll do a dry cleanse and then a wet cleanse.

I will then apply a serum to my face depending on the time of day it will either be a day or night time serum. Day and night serums are meant to do different things and it’s important, if you’re in a battle with acne to use them at the appropriate times. I think the night time serum has been one of the main reasons my skin has really cleared up recently. My night time serum has really helped to improve the texture of my skin. It really helped to make my face a lot more smooth. This product is pretty expensive so if you’re not having trouble with acne then you might not really need to spend money on this product.

I found that my night time serum kind of burns the first few times I put it on, which might be alarming for some people but it is very normal. The slight burning didn’t bother me so much and now I’m really used to it. I found a provider to get some custom skin care help. To help match my specific skin care needs. Adding a moisturizer bomb to finish out my skincare routine at night. If it’s during the day ill finish my routine with an SPF cream. This is what worked for me, everyone’s skin is different and you should never get discouraged if my routine doesn’t work for you. Finding out about your specific issues and finding out what works best for you is essential. The main thing to keep in mind is not to give up.

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